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We're Picking Up

Wow! We've been very busy over the last month. It feels good, but we're sorry that the blog has lagged behind! Updates galore below :)

On June 29th we had our kickoff event at Flatbread in Rockport. We were pleasantly surprised by the turnout. We really found a community of people who care deeply about composting. They had a variety of concerns: some of them didn't have the space they needed, others didn't feel like they were properly managing their pile's chemistry, and some just wanted to stop feeding the skunks around their property.

The subscriptions that we received from our kickoff and crowdfunding campaign were substantial enough for us to start a compost route. So on July 5th, we made our first rounds! We've been picking up in Thomaston, Rockport, Camden, Appleton, and Lincolnville. Belfast and Rockland are our next targets.

As spread out as the route sounds, most of the stops that we make are in relatively dense areas. It makes the drive on the country roads worth the extra gas milage... although for the scenery we'd do it anyway.

All together we're currently processing about 1,000 pounds of food waste a month. And we're looking to grow that number by at least eight fold by the beginning of next summer. It has us thinking deeply about new locations for compost piles . Tessa and I have been searching endlessly for affordable farms in the area. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for us.

Additionally, we've been thinking quite a bit about adding some sort of drop off subscription to our repertoire. Any ideas? Where do you think this kind of a model would be most popular in town?



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