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ScrapDogs Community Compost is a growing composting operation, founded with the goal of minimizing waste sent to landfill and closing the loop of production and consumption in midcoast Maine. Its founders Davis and Tessa are passionate about environmentally intelligent systems, and are working to encourage a happy, healthy, and resilient food and waste system.


ScrapDogs is a residential and commercial carting, production, and sales operation. We collect food and yard waste from midcoast residents and businesses, process them into nutrient-rich, beneficial compost, and return or sell the finished product locally. Collection and processing began in the summer of 2018; already, we are collecting from a wide number of clients across the midcoast.

In early 2021, ScrapDogs launched our food delivery pilot program, offering different selections of local, quality food products to our existing customers - at the same time we collect their food waste! By integrating local farm and food partners into our business model, we're able to deepen the connection between our customers and their local food system. 


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Davis is a 2012 Camden Hills and 2016 NYU grad. He's worked for a solar company, a clean tech incubator, and a university office. He was awarded the Spark Clean Energy Fellowship and a national Udall Scholarship. At heart, he's just a garbage geek excited to have moved back home to Maine.


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Roo (short for Rhubarb) was born in Texas and moved to New York City as a puppy. Despite limited professional experience, she is an expert in solid waste, disposal techniques, and dirt. She hopes to put her skills and knowledge to use digging holes here in Maine.


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Tessa is a 2016 NYU grad and native New Englander. So far, she's worked for a university office, a school garden, the National Parks Service, and a planning nonprofit in New York City. More than anything, she loves exploring, getting her hands dirty, and building more resilient, healthy, happy places.

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