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We’re headed to the Kennebec Valley!

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

ScrapDogs Community Compost is expanding its service area to the Kennebec Valley! Residents and businesses of Waterville, Augusta, Fairfield, Winslow, and Hallowell will have access to curbside food waste collection by ScrapDogs starting on November 1st.

Starting on November 1st, ScrapDogs will be accepting new customers in the Waterville and Augusta regions. After years of requests to bring composting to the Kennebec Valley, we’re excited to finally launch this new route! There’s such great energy and enthusiasm across the state for food waste reduction efforts, and Augusta and Waterville are crucial for building that momentum!

Subscriptions will work the same way they always have on the coast. Residents and businesses can subscribe to have us pick up food waste, including fruit and veggie scraps, meat and dairy products, coffee filters, and more. Subscribers are then entitled to receive finished compost back to use in their gardens or donate to local organizations.

Let us know if you have questions about this expanded service area. We're excited to work with y'all!

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