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We'll see you at the (MCSW) transfer station!

It's an honor to officially announce that ScrapDogs will be offering food waste collection services at the Mid-Coast Solid Waste Transfer Station starting on Wednesday, January 2nd, 2019.

We’re really excited about this program because it sends a clear message: that the residents of Hope, Rockport, Lincolnville, and Camden see composting as the way forward. By collecting and composting scraps at the transfer station, we will be providing a service that’s not only accessible by everyone in the MCSW community, but that directly benefits our local economy and environment.

How It Works:

When delivering food scraps to the transfer station, residents will have two options: to become a drop-off subscriber, or to drop off free of charge. For $10/month, subscribers are able to drop off a full bucket of scraps in exchange for a clean one, and they receive up to 1/2 a yard of finished compost delivered to their home in the spring! Non-subscribers are still able to drop off their scraps, but must use their own containers and do not receive compost back. There will be a designated ScrapDogs drop-off area at the transfer station where folks can drop their scraps, either leaving a full ScrapDogs bucket or dumping into big toter containers.

To subscribe, or to ask us a question or two, shoot us an email!

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