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Spring 2023 Updates: ScrapDogs in Waterville, a new composting site, and compost galore!

Hi everyone!

It's been a bit of a wild ride for us here at ScrapDogs these past couple of months - from expanding our service area to launching our own composting site, we've had one heck of a Spring!

ScrapDogs in Waterville

We're excited to say that we've recently expanded our curbside composting service to the Waterville area! A bit unexpectedly, we learned that another composter in the area was ending their pickup trial program, and we decided to step in to continue service for their customers and the area generally. We're grateful for the opportunity to expand our reach to the Kennebec Valley, and hopefully we'll be able to offer pickup services to more areas in the region as we go (we're looking at you, Augusta!). We also installed a new drop-off site at the Waterville Public Works compound, so folks who aren't interested in home pickups have the option to bring their scraps to the site instead. Many thanks to the City of Waterville for supporting this option for their residents!