ScrapDogs receives a grant from Maine DEP - with Bò Lait Dairy Farm!

We're super excited to announce two big developments in the ScrapDogs chronicle: the honor of being awarded the Grant to to Support Recycling and Organics Management Initiatives by the Maine Department of Environmental Protection, and the pleasure of finalizing a close partnership with Conor and Alexis MacDonald at Bò Lait Dairy Farm in Washington, ME!

Bò Lait farm, as seen from its new compost site. 🌈

Together with Bò Lait, we have been granted financial support and professional guidance to assist us in our goal to broaden food waste collection services here in the midcoast. In addition to our residential and small business pickup, we are now able to support pickups from larger food waste sources, such as large food processors, municipal institutions, and agricultural operations. We'll bring all this good stuff out to Bò Lait, where the MacDonalds will work the necessary composting magic - mixing food waste and other organics with their own cows' manure - to turn everything into the black gold we all know and love.

We feel incredibly humbled and enthused by the chance to spread our wings a bit more, and tackle food waste at multiple scales simultaneously. We're gratified by the opportunity to work closely with Conor and Alexis, who care deeply about their work, their animals, and their community. It's building collaborative relationships like these, and those with our subscribers and customers, that make this work so meaningful to us in the long run. We can't wait to broaden our reach and build even more such relationships in the near future.

Keep an eye out for some exciting new developments in the cards, such as drop-off at Midcoast Solid Waste, our attendance at the Maine Compost School, and more!

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