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Ahead of the Pack: Becoming an Early Subscriber

We're so close!! This Friday, June 29th marks the final day that folks can sign on as an early subscriber to our curbside compost pickup services at a discount. All early subscribers will receive their compost bins, countertop containers, educational material, and *bonus swag* by July 1st, and will have their organic waste picked up for the first time on July 6th!

Friday is also the day of our Community Compost Kickoff Party at Flatbread Co. in Rockport. The event is open to the public, and is designed as an opportunity to learn more about our story and services, sign up as an early subscriber, and simply kick back and enjoy some pizza and good company!

Davis and I are so incredibly excited by the enthusiasm we've received since we started out here in the midcoast. We've talked to folks from all over about the vision for our operations, covering everything from public radio to vineyard waste to local food delivery (a potential future endeavor for ScrapDogs...?). We've been thrilled to have gotten some great press, including this piece in the Pen Bay Pilot and this article in Mainebiz. We're building not only the foundation of our cinder block compost stalls, but the foundation for a meaningful, community-driven, ecologically-sound initiative that we're proud of. And it feels pretty good.

Hope to see you all on Friday!

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