2022 Announcements: Price Changes, Annual Meeting, Advisory Board, and Food Boxes.


What a wild year it has been. As always, THANK YOU for supporting us through it all. It’s been four years (!) of composting food scraps now, and we are consistently grateful for the opportunity to be your local community composters. Huzzah!

We have a couple of announcements and events we’d like to share with you all as we get closer to the end of the year.

Price Increases

First, the most uncomfortable (but potentially unsurprising), is a PSA about an upcoming price increase to our service. As of December 1st, 2022 we will be raising our prices to the following schedule:

  • Weekly Pickups will be raised to $45.00/every 4 weeks (+ tax)

  • Bi-Weekly Pickups will be raised to $30.00/every 4 weeks (+ tax)

  • Monthly Pickups will raised to $15.00/every 4 weeks (+ tax)

  • Drop-Offs will be raised to $18.00/every 4 weeks (+ tax)

  • Party Buckets and additional buckets will be raised to $1.50 per (+ tax)

We don’t like raising prices. When we started ScrapDogs we were determined to make composting with us as accessible and affordable as possible. But while we’re still committed to that dream, we’re a bit more open-eyed to the reality of our costs these days.

The big drivers for us (pun intended): labor, fuel, and vehicle repair and maintenance. For us to ensure the long term sustainability of our operations, we need to raise prices and internalize all of our costs. To get through this past year, which included hiring our first employees and slogging through inflation, we had to supplement our cash flow with some additional investment and forgo owner payouts. In other words, the two of us worked for free for most of the year. At our current - and forecast - rate of growth, that’s not a long-term solution. So we’ve come to you, our customers, for help. (Not on the day of your daughter’s wedding, we hope. We know each other better than that.)

We owe the enduring operation of ScrapDogs to you all, and we want to ensure we’re accountable to you, always. If you have questions about these price changes, please reach out to us by email or phone, or talk with us in person at our upcoming Annual Meeting! (See below.)