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2022 Announcements: Price Changes, Annual Meeting, Advisory Board, and Food Boxes.


What a wild year it has been. As always, THANK YOU for supporting us through it all. It’s been four years (!) of composting food scraps now, and we are consistently grateful for the opportunity to be your local community composters. Huzzah!

We have a couple of announcements and events we’d like to share with you all as we get closer to the end of the year.

Price Increases

First, the most uncomfortable (but potentially unsurprising), is a PSA about an upcoming price increase to our service. As of December 1st, 2022 we will be raising our prices to the following schedule:

  • Weekly Pickups will be raised to $45.00/every 4 weeks (+ tax)

  • Bi-Weekly Pickups will be raised to $30.00/every 4 weeks (+ tax)