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2020 Price Changes

On January 1st, 2020, we will be raising the prices of our regular food waste pickup subscriptions. The prices will be raised to the following:

  • Weekly Pickups: $6/pickup (up from $5/pickup, totaling $24/month)

  • Bi-Weekly Pickups: $8/pickup (up from $7/pickup, totaling $16/month)

  • Monthly Pickups: $10/pickup (up from $8/pickup, totaling $10/month)

In addition, we will now be charging an additional $1.00/pickup for an extra bucket. Drop-off subscription prices won’t change from $10/month.

Our prices have long reflected a compromise between covering costs and staying competitive with other similarly-sized food waste collection services. After 17 months in operation (woohoo!), we’ve been reassessing our costs and building out our business plan for moving forward. These price changes reflect a more responsible balance of costs and revenues that will allow us to provide more robust service to our customers, reach new audiences, and open new doors for us as an emerging small business.

Your subscription price covers everything from gas mileage, to soap and water, to paying for this website - not to mention the hours put into driving, washing, emptying buckets, and much more! As a labor of love, this business runs on the time and energy of its owners, and we couldn’t do it without your subscriptions.

We’re very grateful for your continued support as we build this small business from the ground up, and we hope you will continue to compost with us!

Please feel free to reach out with any questions, concerns, or thoughts! Email us at

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