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Dear Composters,


First and foremost, we want to send our well wishes to you all and your loved ones in these tough times. We feel especially grateful to live in a close-knit community through these hard days, and sincerely appreciate the kind words we've received from many of you.

Thank you all for your patience and understanding as we attempt to react responsibly to the changing situation. While we hope to resume our services as soon as the risk involved in doing so has been minimized, we do not yet know when this will be. 

Please note that TOMORROW, Wednesday, April 1st, we will be suspending all automatic PayPal payments and reimbursing all those who have been charged for the past two weeks of missed services. 

Also, please note that we are still planning to carry out deliveries of finished compost in May. We will be in touch with more details about this soon!

We have already received some thoughtful emails from customers who have offered their help in this difficult time. As a small, relatively young business, we deeply appreciate the support that our community is able to give that makes sure we can offer composting services into the future.


If you are able to do so, please consider helping us by pre-paying for services.

By paying now for services that you will receive once we resume, you'll be helping us to cover regular payments, save up for major upcoming expenses, and prepare to resume services safely, as soon as possible.

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Additionally, if there are ways for ScrapDogs to help you or your loved ones, please let us know! We will continue to be in touch regarding updates to our operations throughout.

Sending much love and thanks,
Tessa & Davis

What to do with uncollected food waste


With the ScrapDogs bucket you already have, you can continue to fill it up, then seal the lid tight and store the bucket outside or in a garage. With the lid on tight, there should be minimal smell or disruption. 



With any other buckets or containers you have lying around at home, you can do the same thing and store sealed containers in a logical place. We will happily collect any additional food waste containers at the end of our suspension for no extra cost.



Of course, we all do this anyways! But during this time, it will be particularly important to reduce food waste at the source. Here are some food waste reduction ideas from the EPA to help!



Although our least favorite option, it may be the most reliable for many folks. Difficult times call for difficult measures, and we hope that we can work hard to make up for lost time (and food waste) post-suspension.




Dear Composters,

Due to the rapid growth in number of confirmed cases in our service area, we have made the decision that ScrapDogs will suspend its drop-off and residential pickup services for one month, starting immediately.  We still hope to resume services the week of April 12th. Our first priority is to keep ourselves and our customers safe to the extent that we can. We feel that these are appropriate measures to take in this situation. 

Please note that this means that we will not be picking up buckets this week (Wednesday 3/18 or Friday 3/20). Additionally, our transfer station drop-off services will be closed off, effective today. We understand that this will pose a significant inconvenience to many of you. Below, we've outlined some ideas for handling your food waste in the interim.

Regarding payments, we will be in contact regarding reimbursements for missed pickups in the following weeks.

We are always available to be contacted by email. Please do not hesitate to reach out with questions, concerns, or if you need any help while self-isolating. We feel very grateful to live and work in such a supportive and caring community, and we look forward to being able to celebrate that with you all in due time.

Wishing you all our best,
Tessa & Davis